Set Free Church believes in the Great Commission found in Matthew Twenty-Eight. We have taken those last words of Christ to "Go and make disciples of all nations" and made them our priority. Our focal point for the previous thirty years has been the island of the Dominican Republic. The Holy Spirit has empowered us to plant more than thirty-five Set Free churches throughout the island's mountainous regions toward the Haitian border. All churches are staffed with native pastors and are full of vibrant life. We also have a full-time pastoral staff member, Robbie Strickland, who oversees all these local pastors and their churches.


These works are just the beginning of what God will do on the island. Our best years are ahead of us as the gospel of Jesus Christ advances in the Dominican Republic.

Feel free to donate to our efforts in the Dominican Republic by visiting our Give page.


We have an in-house fund strictly for individuals in need. This is used for utility bills, food, medications, clothing, etc.

The unique function of this program is, if approved, the individual in need is provided a letter from Set Free authorizing the individual an allotted amount. They then take the letter to Ingles in Powdersville, and management will invoice the program for the allotted/used funds.

Feel free to donate to this fund by visiting our Give page.